Lots of government programs that are designed with the aim of helping those with disabilities lead a life that is productive are available. If you are disabled, you may already be receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration, Medicare, or many state-run programs. These programs are designed to help individuals receive financial benefits to pay for their living expenses. Some other programs are aimed at helping people with one disability or the other secure a job, get an education, receive financial assistance and pay for a service animal. These support can be gotten directly from a government agency or through a non-profit organization. Below are some of these programs;

Federal and State Programs
Varieties of federal and state programs are available to disabled people to receive individual benefits. The most common known government programs include:

  • Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) – For those with a qualifying disability and an employment history, benefits can be paid out to the individual and, in some cases, their family.
  • Supplementary Security Income (SSI) – Under this Federal program, benefits are paid out to children or low-income disabled adults.
  • Medicare – Under this Federal program, disabled individuals can receive medical treatment at a doctor’s office or hospital, as well as prescription medication. Medicare does not automatically cover all medical expenses, nor does it cover long-term care costs.
  • Medicaid – This is a state-run program that provides health care services for the elderly and disabled. These programs receive a portion of their funding from the federal government. Since these programs are administered by each state, eligibility and income requirements will vary.

Education and Job Assistance
Disabled people are also opened to many college degrees, train for a new job, prepare for and interview or look for a job. Through the Social Security Administration, a few programs available to disabled people include:

  • Job assistance and training for those receiving social security benefits between the ages of 18 and 64 through its Ticket to Work program.
  • Work Incentives allows an individual to try out a job, usually for a period of up to nine months, but still receive their social security benefits.

The Federal government offers many jobs for people with disabilities. These jobs can be found by visiting the USA.gov website. In addition to federal programs, states offer employment resources, training, and jobs for the

Veteran Disability Benefits
There are many government benefits available to veterans who are disabled. Some of these benefits include disability compensation, grants for homes, modification of vehicles to accommodate a disability and medical services.

Financial Assistance
To offer financial assistance to disabled individuals, there are lots of programs set in pace for this. Some of these programs help with paying their medical bills and receiving treatment, service animals, housing and taxes and they include:

  • Housing programs – Those with disabilities may be eligible for housing subsidies, rental assistance, and Section 8 housing vouchers. Programs are available for those who wish to own their home or those who rent.
  • Vehicle modification – Disabled individuals often need specially-designed vehicles. The federal government has programs to provide financial assistance for modified cars that are designed for those with disabilities. This also includes financial assistance for a driver rehabilitation specialist who will help you to find the right vehicle.
  • Free tax help – The Internal Revenue Service provides free tax return assistance to those who are disabled.
  • Medical bill assistance – If you are disabled and under 65 years old, you may qualify for Medicare. Individuals may also be able to get assistance with health insurance through the open exchange.
  • Service animals – While Medicare and Medicaid do not cover the cost of service animals, you may be able to pay for one through your monthly SSDI and SSI benefits. There are also a handful of non-profit organizations that provide free or reduced training costs, as well as financial assistance to those seeking a service animal.

Check out the Social Security Administration to see if you qualify for benefits and what the application process is if you are disabled and want to know what is available to you. Visit the website for the state that you live in for eligibility requirements for Medicaid and other state-run programs. In addition to the above, there are many non-profit organizations that help disabled individuals to develop learning skills, live on their own, and have paid caregivers. Whether you need financial assistance, medical treatment, or help to get a job, there are many options that may be available to you if you are disabled.