One of the most fundamental requirements that all humans need to thrive is food. It is quite saddening and unfortunate that millions of Americans are unable to afford the cost of food. You do not need to go hungry if you do not have means to access food as there many food assistance programs you may be eligible for and Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) is one of them.

What is the TEFAP?
A grant program that is funded by the federal government is the Emergency Foods Assistance Program (TEFAP). The major aim of the program is to provide supplemental food for low-income Americans who do not have any means to receive the nourishment they need for proper living.
The TEFAP provides the funding that is required for the USDA to purchase various types of nutritious food items. The food that is purchased is then made available to State Distributing Agencies, and the amount of food that each state is provided with is based on the combined total amount of people who are unemployed and whose income is below the state’s poverty level; therefore, states that have a higher unemployment and poverty level rates receive more food than states that have lower unemployment and poverty level rate. Each state distributes the food that they receive to predetermined local agencies, such as food banks, and these agencies then distribute food to various local organizations that serve the public directly, including food pantries, soup kitchens, and housing shelters. Organizations that provide items directly to low-income individuals might be given the food to distribute accordingly. Millions of Americans annually who would otherwise go hungry receive the food that they need through the TEFAP.

TEFAP Eligibility Requirements 
There are specific requirements applicants are expected to meet in order to receive food through TEFAP. You will need to meet the income standards that have been established by your state in order to be eligible for the offer. In the state you reside, it is possible the income standards are left up to their discretion. They may also be determined by your eligibility for other welfare programs. However, locations to reserve the right to adjust the eligibility requirements in order to make sure that assistance is offered to those who need it the most.

Types of Food Available through the TEFAP
Every food available through the TEFAP must have met the stringent USDA standards. This means that the foods are safe and highly nutritious. The types of food offered do vary from location to location, as they are based on the preferences of each state, as well as the current conditions of the agricultural market. However, rest assured that those who receive food through this program do receive various types of highly nutritious food items, such as fresh produce, meat, poultry, dairy products, grain-based products, canned foods, and eggs, just to name a few.

How to Apply
To apply for the Emergency Food Assistance Program, you can check with your local State Distributing Agency (SDA). More information can be gotten on their website online. A representative at your local SDA will also be able to help you when it comes to the application process.